Solihull: 451 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AL 
At our clinics in Solihull and Sutton Coldfield we use a wide variety of techniques which allow us to care for virtually all ages. Babies, children, the frail and elderly have all received care, which has been tailored to their specific needs. 
Only the gentlest techniques are appropriate for babies and the frail, while more vigorous techniques are safe and effective for a twenty five year old rugby player. 
The primary aim of most chiropractic techniques is to locate, analyse and correct vertebral subluxations (also known as fixations). A fixation/subluxation occurs when the vertebrae loose their normal movement pattern and alignment. This can cause problems locally (e.g. back and neck pain), and can also affect nerve function. Correction is achieved by “adjusting” the spine, as well as encouraging improved posture and movement. The way the adjustment is performed varies between techniques. 

Main Techniques Used 

Diversified Technique 

In this technique the chiropractor locates and analyses the subluxations (fixations) by feeling for the movement between the vertebrae, as well as looking at spinal and pelvic alignment. The adjustment is a very fast, but low force, manual thrust which gets the vertebrae moving. Patients often hear a “popping” noise (which is caused by gases being temporarily formed in the joints), but adjustments are seldom painful. When the chiropractor wishes to be particularly gentle, e.g. on a baby, they may use an adjusting instrument (e.g. activator) which applies a very small and precise force. This force can be reduced even further by placing the chiropractor’s thumb between the patient and the adjusting instrument. 

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) 

This technique focuses primarily on the relationship between the sacrum at the bottom of the spine and the occiput, which joins the skull onto the top of the spine. After analysing patients they are adjusted using specific protocols, all of which are very gentle. In most cases padded wedges are carefully placed under specific parts of the body, and the adjustment is carried out by the patient’s own weight, gravity and time. 

Koren Specific Technique (KST) 

This is very gentle three step technique. The whole structure of the body is analysed by challenging different parts with gentle touch. These parts are then checked for subluxations using a simple yes/no procedure. Any subluxations found are then corrected using an adjusting instrument. The instrument produces a very gentle tapping action. This is a very fast, low force and controlled adjustment suitable for all, including babies and the frail elderly. 

Thomson (Drop) Technique 

In this technique a special adjusting bench or couch is used. The bench has sections which are designed raise up by about an inch and then only just hold the patient's weight. When the chiropractor applies a very small force the raised section on the bench drops back down an inch and stops very suddenly. The rapid deceleration applies a very fast, controlled and gentle force to adjust the subluxation. 
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