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We opened our chiropractic clinics in Solihull and Sutton Coldfield in 1998 and 1999.

To us healthcare is not just about relieving back pain, neck pain, headaches arising from the neck preventing migraines or promoting good posture. Our mission is to provide excellent quality natural drugless health and wellness care for our community.

Our vitalistic belief is that we are all born with an innate intelligence which allows our body to heal itself, regulate itself and adapt to its environment, and the nervous system plays the most vital role in all of this. Most people come to see us because they are in pain or their health is impaired in some way. We look for the cause rather masking the symptoms with drugs and, as far as possible, prefer to avoid surgery.

Our focus is on analysing your posture, shape and state of your spine to see how well it is working and what stresses are likely to result from any misalignment. We then adjust your spine by applying small precise forces to improve the way it moves and reduce nerve stress.

The offices are served by 4 dynamic inspired chiropractors – Charles Sawyer, Annette O’Neill, Nick Sheeran and Jerome Alderson .

They are supported by a wonderful team Elaine, Beryl, Maggie, Anna, Karen, Joanne and Jackie. Together they have created chiropractic offices that are warm and friendly with a healing environment. To the team, providing quality health-care is more than just a job.
They strive to continually improve the service by expanding their knowledge and experience at every opportunity.

Our Chiropractors

Our Chiropractors are all registered with the General Chiropractic Council and have all graduated with four or five year university chiropractic degrees which have trained them to practice safely, identifying and correcting spinal subluxations (spinal misalignments).


Annette ONeill Chiropractor

Annette O’Neill B.Sc. (chiro.) D.C.

Annette graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic with a B.Sc (Chiropractic) degree in 1995.

Since then she has enjoyed working as a chiropractor seeing newborns to 90 year-olds experience the benefit of chiropractic.

Her aim is to provide a simple, excellent service that allows the body to function at its best, rather than just functioning adequately.


Charles Sawyer Chiropractor

Charles Sawyer B.Sc. (chiro.) D.C.

Charles graduated from AECC in Bournemouth with a B.Sc (Chiropractic) in 1995.

He has a special interest in Chiropractic Wellness Care which encourages people of all ages to maintain their spinal health at all times, and not just when they have symptoms.

He believes this is essential as poor spinal health affects the functioning of the nerves related to the back and spine. When our nerves are functioning optimally we are better able to achieve our individual maximum health potential.


Nick Sheeran Chiropractor

Nick Sheeran B.Chiro., B.Sc. (physiology)

Nick graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and previously practiced in New Zealand, London and Glasgow.

Having previously represented New Zealand in swimming at world championships and commonwealth games in Manchester, Nick takes a special interest in sports and in family chiropractic care.

Nick’s aim is to help as many members of the community towards optimal health through looking after the spine and associated nerves.


Jerome Alderson Chiropractor

Jerome Alderson B.Chiro.(NZ)

Jerome also graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and practiced in Ireland, New Zealand and Canada before settling down in Solihull.

He is excited to help empower people of all ages to reach their health and fitness goals.

Jerome is most interested in how chiropractic affects the brain.

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