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The Complimentary Spinal Assessment

This appointment gives you the opportunity to briefly discuss your case with one of our chiropractors to get his or her opinion on whether you are a suitable candidate for chiropractic care without incurring any expense or obligation.
Whilst the chiropractor may perform a few tests to allow him or her to form an opinion, this is not a full consultation or examination which must be performed prior to making a working diagnosis or commencing care.


The Consultation and Examination

The Chiropractor will ask you detailed questions about you and your complaint, as well as some relevant questions about your medical history before doing a thorough examination. This will typically include neurological (nerve), orthopaedic and chiropractic tests and a postural scan. Occasionally X-rays or even MRI scans may also be required.

The Care Program

At the “report of findings” visit the Chiropractor will discuss his or her findings and outline the proposed care program. This usually includes spinal adjustments, exercises and advice.

We do not interfere with the healing process by prescribing drugs which disguise the symptoms. Pain and other symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Unfortunately by the time we have symptoms things have often progressed quite far, in the same way that when you feel very thirsty you may already be dehydrated.

Relief Care or Initial Intensive Care

This level of care is designed to stabilize your spine and to begin to improve its function as quickly as possible. When beginning care, adjustments are relatively frequent to maximise their effect.

Rehabilitative Care

This stage involves continuing adjustments on a slightly less frequent basis to return the function of your spine, as near as possible, to “normal”. Generally the longer your spine has been working incorrectly, the longer it will take to change.

Maintenance Care

Regular visits are scheduled to maintain previous improvements in spinal health and help you minimise recurrences resulting from the grind of daily life.

Wellness Care

At its simplest, the key to wellness is to eat well, move well and think well. The most essential part of chiropractic care is the spinal adjustment which aims to improve spinal movement which has been lost, mostly, because of modern lifestyles which do not involve enough movement in many of our joints. Moving all your joints very regularly through exercise has a positive effect in terms of reducing stiffness and aches but also stimulates parts of the brain. We also offer advice and workshops on healthy eating and developing positive thought patterns to help you stay well.

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