The Importance of Good Posture

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All of our chiropractors consider promoting good posture to be a fundamental goal. It is the first thing we look at when performing an examination as poor posture can affect spinal function, wear and other aspects of your health.

Modern work patterns and sedentary lifestyles are often the culprits. Changing these together with exercises should be considered.

Good Posture looks attractive, tells people something about you and is also important to your health.

Which is your posture?

the importance of good posture

Is your spine aligned?

Postural changes often show spinal problems a long time before they cause obvious aches or pains. The sooner they are detected the quicker and more easily they are corrected as there is less time for muscles and ligaments to adapt to the misalignment as the norm, before abnormal wear and tear of the joints occurs.


Simple tests you can do at home to see if you need to consult a chiropractor:

Stand in your underwear in front of a mirror and march on the spot for a couple of steps. Put your hands on your “hips” and check if they are level. If not your pelvis is unbalanced and your spine is not sitting on a level foundation – this may lead to spinal malfunction and compensation elsewhere.

Stand with your arms relaxed at your sides wearing trousers (or a long skirt) differences in hem height may also indicate pelvic imbalance.

One shoulder lower than the other is a common postural deviation that may indicate spinal misalignment and malfunction.

Imagine a plumb line from the ceiling. It should pass centrally going through the bridge of your nose, your chin, breastbone, umbilicus (belly button) and halfway between your feet. If not misalignment and spinal malfunction is likely.

Uneven shoe wear is also an early sign of spinal imbalance.

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