13 December, 2023

5 Top Tips for a Happy Low Back

13 December, 2023

In our many years as chiropractors tens of thousands of people have come to see us for low back pain and most have had great results. We always encourage people to help themselves as much as possible.

These are my 5 top tips:

  • Stand Tall, Walk Proud

Imagine you’re rocking a runway – shoulders back, chin up! Good posture isn’t just for models; it’s your ticket to a happy back. Whether you’re strutting down the street or sitting at your desk, keep that spine aligned. Slouching is so last season.

  • Break Up with Your Chair

Sitting all day is like being in a bad relationship – it hurts your back, and you don’t even realize it. Take breaks, stand up, stretch it out. Your chair will miss you, but your back won’t! Dance around the office, take a stroll – just get that blood pumping and show your spine some love.

  • Lift Like a Boss

If you’re lifting something heavy, channel your inner superhero. Bend those knees, keep it close, and lift with your legs. Save the back for the heroics, not the heavy lifting. And remember, you’re not a one-person moving crew – ask for help when needed. Team lifting is always in style.

  • Exercise Not Excuses

The secret to a strong back isn’t hidden in a mystery box – it’s at the gym! Strengthen your core and back muscles with exercises like planks, bridges, and gentle stretches. Your back will thank you for the extra attention, and you’ll be ready for any unexpected acrobatics life throws your way.

  • Mattress Matters

Your mattress isn’t just a place for sweet dreams; it’s a key player in the battle against back pain. Invest in a mattress that supports your spine like a loyal sidekick. It’s the unsung hero of a pain-free morning. Sorry, old mattress, but it’s time for an upgrade – your back deserves the royal treatment.

Remember a happy back is a happy life. So, stand tall, keep moving, and treat your spine like the VIP it is! Your back will thank you with a pain-free encore.

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