28 December, 2023

5 Top Tips to Help Prevent Sciatica

28 December, 2023

In my 30 years as a chiropractor I have seen thousands of cases of sciatica.

Here are my five top tips to help you sidestep the discomfort of sciatica:

  • Stand Up, Stretch Out

Sitting for extended periods can be a one-way ticket to Sciatica City. Break up your sedentary stints with regular standing and stretching. Think of it as a mini rebellion against the tyranny of chairs. Your spine will thank you.

  • Lift Right, Feel Light

Whether you’re hoisting groceries or weights at the gym, proper lifting technique is your sciatic superhero. Bend those knees, engage that core, and let your legs do the heavy lifting. Your back isn’t a fan of playing the hero, so let it sit this one out.

  • Posture Control

Your mama wasn’t nagging for no reason – stand up straight! Maintaining good posture is like giving your spine a VIP seat at a concert. Slouching is the equivalent of relegating it to the nosebleed section. Choose wisely.

  • Cushion Comfort

Your derriere deserves a comfortable perch. Invest in a chair with proper lumbar support, and throw in a cushion or two for good measure. Your backside will be eternally grateful, and you’ll be sitting pretty without the sciatic drama.

  • Move It or Lose

Exercise isn’t just for gym enthusiasts; it’s a sciatica kryptonite. Incorporate low-impact activities like swimming, walking, or yoga into your routine. It’s like a superhero training camp for your back, minus the lycra.

Remember that if you do have Sciatica, The Chiropractors are here to help.

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